The SEMI Industry Research & Statistics group provides market data and market research reports covering semiconductor capital equipment, semiconductor materials, packaging materials, semiconductor, optoelectronics, and high brightness LED fabs. They have provided their Q4 2015 market data snapshot.

In 2015 a wave of mergers and acquisitions swept across the industry with scores of transactions and multi-billion dollar companies being combined. SEMI president and CEO Denny McGuirk provides an update on 2015 as a whole and looks forward into 2016.

Flexible and printed electronics applications are becoming a reality. Forecasters are predicting a $20-30 billion market for internet-connected devices. Healthcare is providing the strongest market and the savings made from using these devices and more successful self-treatment will potentially make up for shortages in doctors and nurses.

Scientists at the National University of Singapore have demonstrated a new way of controlling electrons by confining them in a device made out of atomically thin materials and applying external electric and magnetic fields. The NUS research team’s goal is to develop high-temperature two-dimensional superconducting materials.