SEQPL Business partners Ken Williamson and Kerli Lauk visited the ADBA Conference in London on December 3rd. Despite George Osborne’s plans to extend the Renewable Heat Incentive to 2020/21, securing £1.15bn, the speakers had few good words for Government.

The aim of the conference, discussing how Government policy affects AD businesses, and the ADBA`s strategic vision to build a world class industry, was a great networking experience.

A Key point was how to increase capture of available feedstock; Households produce 7 million tonnes of food waste every year, Local authorities collect around 66% of this, but only 10% is recycled. Meanwhile, treatment plants consistently report a lack of feedstock as a threat to the viability of the industry.

SEQPL believe the way we will attain efficiency is through engineering innovation and developing newer technologies to negate the need for Government subsidy.

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